What is Endermo Therapy?
EndermoTherapy is a patented, state-of-the-art treatment for injuries to muscles, tendons, fascia, nerves and their surrounding soft tissues. EndermoTherapy utilizes the Cellu M6 Key Module, a medical device that has electronically controlled motorized rollers operating in combination with aspiration to treat, transform and rehabilitate the body’s connective tissue disorders and/or injuries. The applications of specific protocols restore optimal texture, motion and function and release entrapped nerves and/or blood vessels through the removal of scar tissue, fibrosis and edema. The non-invasive, mechanized manipulation techniques enable the physical therapist to go right to the heart of the patient’s problem and fix it, with consistency and immediate, lasting efficacy.
Applications of EndermoTherapy:
EndermoTherapy corrects muscular and soft-tissue problems caused by adhesion formation from acute injuries, repetitive trauma and/or constant pressure and tension as it simultaneously enhances circulation, reduces muscle tension, and removes lactic acid and other inflammatory toxins. As the therapeutic uses of the machine are many and varied, a comprehensive book of specific treatment protocols have been compiled, including:
Muscular and Soft Tissue Treatments possible with EndermoTherapy
Back Pain/Injuries Bicipital Tendonitis
Burn Therapy (Range of Motion)
Carpal tunnel syndrome
Chronic fatigue syndrome
Dupuytren’s contracture
Edematous fibrosclerotic panniculopathy Fibromyalgia
Fibrosis following radiotherapy
Foot pain/injury
Frozen shoulder
Golf Injuries
Golfers/Tennis elbow (Tendonitis)
Hand Injuries
Hip Pain
Joint dysfunction
Knee meniscus injuries
Knee Pain
Leg Injuries
Low back pain
Motor Performance, (Stability and Coordination)
Muscle pulls or strains
Muscle soreness (DOMS)
Muscle weakness
Neck injuries
Neck Pain
Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophies (RSDs) following surgery
Rheumatology & Traumatology
Scar Tissue Therapy (Range of Motion)
This therapy is available at our office. Please call to arrange a guided visit and a demonstration.
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