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What is Spine Force®?
Spine Force®, a groundbreaking technology that works the spine from the inside-out, preventing connective tissue diseases and promoting overall health and well-being.
How does Spine Force® work?

  • Spine Force® is the only machine in the world to strengthen the core spinal muscles.

  • The oscillating platform identifies weaknesses and/or imbalances in the spine, creating personalized exercise protocols for patients’ specific needs.

  • Spine Force® empowers people to reclaim and maintain their complete bodily homeostasis and achieve optimum health.

What Are The Core Spinal Muscles?
The spine is held together by ligaments and muscles; the core spinal muscles are sometimes referred to as ‘intrinsic stabilizer muscles;’ they protect the degree and angle of all spinal movement, acting as holders, receptors and monitoring position.
Why Is There A Need For Core Spinal Stability?
Physical Therapist are well aware that the core of the body is where the power is derived from and that, as the nerve center of the body, it is the foundation of all bodily movements. They realize that for maximum performance and health, the spine must be strong, flexible and unimpeded in its movements. Core spinal muscles connect to the spine, pelvis, and shoulders to create a solid foundation of support; Spine Force helps these core muscles to be strong, flexible, and move freely, and thus generate controlled, powerful movements.
Why do you need Spine Force ®?
Traditional strengthening and exercise techniques via sit-ups, crunches, weight machines and back extensions are inconsistent, and they do not reach core spinal muscles. Current exercises typically work on only one plane of motion which stress core muscles and cause spinal joints and discs to grind and cartilage and disc material wear away. (This is called Degenerative Disc/Joint Disease (DDD or DJD), the primary reason for back pain.)
Spine Force® Simultaneously Solves PT Problems and Needs:
  • By effectively eradicating imbalances and strengthening core spinal muscles.

  • Physical Therapist are able to offer patients personalized treatment exercise protocols to treat core spinal muscles, that are consistent, tailored to patients’ unique needs and that provide immediate and measurable results.

  • Spine Force® measures the efficacy of treatments and aids Physical Therapist in establishing legitimacy in the medical field.

  • Spine Force® proves to patients that preventative Physical Therapy care is needed as part of a regular fitness routine and/or for general well-being.

This therapy is available at our office. Please call to arrange a guided visit and a demonstration.
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